Thursday, June 24, 2010

Organic and Free Range

After getting all the MSG and Aspartame out of our diet, we stumbled on a documentary, Food Inc. After watching it, me and Wally could not believe how those animals were treated and even how the big companies are treating the farmers and the consumers. The big companies have managed to genetically modify their food, without letting the consumer know about it. For me, this is a big health risk, we are eating food that is not really food anymore in a sense. This would refer to grains and soya beans that has been GM and is used in many of the products we eat today. What made us really upset is the way the animals were being treated and the lack of respect for those animals. Chickens that are "mushed" in a small little dark room, thousands of them, falling over one another...barely able to walk. They have been genetically modified to grow faster with bigger breasts, making it impossible for them to walk. It was really sad to see that and the cows and pigs are even worse. The cows were standing in their own pooh, waiting to be killed. What's worse is that they weren't eating normal herbs and grass, but genetically modified grains. The pigs, I would rather not mention how they are killed....I couldn't believe humans were capable of such cruelty. So we started to support organic and free range farmers, still not happy about it to think that the animals are killed, but at least they are farmed with some respect and are fed with organic herbs and grass keeping them healthy as well. They are also not killed for mass production....going to fast food outlets. The free range chickens can actually walk outside in daylight and eat when they want to, much better than being cramped inside a dark room waiting to die.

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