Thursday, June 24, 2010

Organic and Free Range

After getting all the MSG and Aspartame out of our diet, we stumbled on a documentary, Food Inc. After watching it, me and Wally could not believe how those animals were treated and even how the big companies are treating the farmers and the consumers. The big companies have managed to genetically modify their food, without letting the consumer know about it. For me, this is a big health risk, we are eating food that is not really food anymore in a sense. This would refer to grains and soya beans that has been GM and is used in many of the products we eat today. What made us really upset is the way the animals were being treated and the lack of respect for those animals. Chickens that are "mushed" in a small little dark room, thousands of them, falling over one another...barely able to walk. They have been genetically modified to grow faster with bigger breasts, making it impossible for them to walk. It was really sad to see that and the cows and pigs are even worse. The cows were standing in their own pooh, waiting to be killed. What's worse is that they weren't eating normal herbs and grass, but genetically modified grains. The pigs, I would rather not mention how they are killed....I couldn't believe humans were capable of such cruelty. So we started to support organic and free range farmers, still not happy about it to think that the animals are killed, but at least they are farmed with some respect and are fed with organic herbs and grass keeping them healthy as well. They are also not killed for mass production....going to fast food outlets. The free range chickens can actually walk outside in daylight and eat when they want to, much better than being cramped inside a dark room waiting to die.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Foods that kill

I have been doing research for some time now about the food that we eat. How much flavourants, preservatives and non-nutritive sweeteners do we eat everyday and how is it affecting our health. My first research was on Aspartame and its effects, which also lead me to MSG. Aspartame is really really dangerous and I think it plays in an important part in my dad's disease. After watching the documentary, Aspartame: Sweet Misery A poisoned World, I was certain that Aspartame was the underlying cause of my dad's disease watching in the documentary that many people have become paralyzed due to it. The sad thing is that Aspartame was in many of the foods that my dad ate everyday. Using sugar replacements like, equill, because it was supposed to be better that sugar, drinking diet cool-drink because there's less sugar in. My parents even bought diet jelly because they thought they were eating healthy all of which had aspartame in. After reading about MSG, which has the same effects as aspartame I was looking for food to get out of the kitchen, in my mind I only thought that potato chips would have MSG in, but was soon surprised how many food actually contained MSG that we all eat everyday. Certain sauces, soups, noodles and spices, processed meats, vienas, sausages, steak toppings. There were so many things that we had to throw away and I think it became weird, me and Wally looking through all the labels and ingredients whenever we buy something. Hopefully this turn-around in our lifestyle will have positive effects in our life. I will continue my next blog on free range and organic food...another change we made to our lifestyle.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Living with ALS. My dad was diagnosed in March with a Motor neuron disease (MND). It's been a rough road, not just for me but the whole family, especially my mom and dad. It's not an easy thing to accept and not one of us will stop praying and believing in and for his recovery. It's scary to think of the person my dad was and what he has become in less than a year. From being more fit than me, walking 2.5km without a sweat for excise to being in bed al day, struggling to move and even struggling to swallow. My dad will be 72 in September, for some this may seem old, but my dad was as healthy as could be, fit and always watched his diet. Why would he get a disease like this, I hate it!!! After my dad started getting sick I started to research what could possibly be happening to him, finding all the horrible diseases that existed. I just want those diseases to disappear. I want God to take those diseases away, let the diseases burn in hell, so that no one will ever go through something like ALS or the other horrible diseases that exist. For now, all I can really do is try an deal with the situation one day at a time. I would probably not get through this time without Wally (my husband) giving me all his love and support. I cannot believe how God has blessed me with him. He never moans or gets upset to help my dad, to pick him out of the wheelchair to let him stand for a while. Getting him from the wheelchair to the bed and up again from the bed into the wheelchair. Helping to wheely my dad out of the bedroom on the wheelchair. It makes me feel useless...powerless, because I can just stand by and watch not helping any with the weight, but he is one awesome blessing! Cannot Imagine my life without him!

Lief vir jou Wall-E :)

My first blog

Well this is weird....I've started my own blog.
Not sure why, but hopefully it can turn out to be fun.
Will see what happens in the future.