Friday, October 15, 2010

My upcoming Birthday

Its 5 days before my birthday. My dad's birthday is on the 23rd Of September and mine on the 23 of October. My mothers birthday was on the 7th of October and my dad had an okay day, except for his bladder giving issues. Me and wally decided to get my mom some new clothing, after all the stress and everything my mom lost around 13 - 15kgs, so her usual clothing hangs on her or sits really loose. We bought a jean 2 sizes smaller than what she used to wear and it fits perfect. We also bought a blouse and t-shirt which she both liked. The other jeans were a little to tight and my mother went to exchange it for a bigger size, but all in all she now has 4 new clothing items thats actually her size and fits perfect.

For my birthday, I want to be together as a family again. One thing that this disease has taken away from us is the time we spent together as a family. Before, we used to get together as a family at least twice a month on a Sunday, but now we don't see each other together. While one or two of us is at my parents, the other one is usually resting. I just want everyone to be together again and make it a special birthday to remember with everyone that I love. I want my mom and dad to remember it that we were all together.