Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grace and Suffering

I've been thinking about what to write for my next blog, but no subject really comes to mind. I've been thinking a lot about suffering and grace lately. I want to understand my dads suffering or rather why, why him why this why everything. I keep asking God why.....but without an answer. I've been reading a lot, about Job, David, Paul and Jesus, they were all suffering and for different reasons and they also asked God why. They also asked for God to take their suffering away, but God had other answers and not that of immediate healing. Like Paul, God said to him his grace is enough and Paul replied that he should rejoice in suffering....for when he is weak God is strong. I know God has a plan and no matter how many times I ask why... His will is His will. Rather than boggling my mind with questions all the time....I should probably be thinking of what I can do know that maybe He will take pleasure with me or think of me and my dad and not stop to pray and ask for his healing, but most importantly for His will to be done. God is Love and I believe he will not let anyone suffer without a good reason, if we find the answer on earth or in heaven it doesn't matter. God is God and He will not let anything happen to us that we cannot handle and that does not have a plan in His will. Hope this makes sense.

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