Monday, August 23, 2010

Music and Memories

It's funny how music can remind us of some things and bring back memories. I bought my mom and dad a cd and gave it to them this weekend, it had some of their favorites on. It was oldies and songs I remember that my mom and dad used to listen to when I was still in the house. When I gave them the cd, my dad's words was "put in in". The first two songs went okay, but on the third my dad started to cry and when my mom saw that she started to cry and with both of them crying, I started to cry as well. It was a song that had a lot of meaning for us, it was not the same person singing the song as we always listened to, "My happiness" from Connie Francis, but as soon as the song started all those good memories came back to my mom and dad. (It was the new cd from "Rudi Claase and Corlea Botha.") After the fourth song my dad asked me to stop the cd, my mom and dad couldn't stop crying. Afterwards, during the afternoon my mother played the cd through 3 times and my dad wanted us to play that song on repeat, as soon as it would finish he would say "again". I told my dad that I remember him whistling the tune of the song while walking around in the house when I was still little ... he just gave a big smile :)
I don't like to see my mom and dad crying, but this was a special moment, remembering the old times and the things my dad used to do. All the songs brought me back memories that I will never forget. It's funny how these good memories can be attached to a song or to music.
I think music will always play an important part in my life and in the memories I have made over the years and its something that won't go away or fade like a photograph :)

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